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Rather, the degree of complexity is increased until a rationally coherent stand is impossible. Such assessments are inevitably wedded to values, and thus all science is morally and politically weighted in implication.

In fact, sometimes we make presumptions that two different cultures are one in the same. Gergen is married to Mary M. Gergen is a professor of Psychology at Swarthmore College. This explains why certain things carry more weight in their form of possible self or self-representation or place in personal heritage.

Weick later took Warren Thorngate's contribution to that dispute to formulate Thorngate's postulate of commensurate complexity , a theorem revolving around research methodology in social sciences.

Gergen born is an American psychologist and emeritus professor at Swarthmore College.

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We have to see the differences to understand our own individuality. Rather, the degree of complexity is increased until a rationally coherent stand is impossible. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Combining these ideas with developments in literary and critical theory, along with the history of science, Gergen went on to develop a radical view of socially constructed knowledge.

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