The goal for now is to make this site some use to connect Nerdfighters. Comments and feedback please email at nerdfighterdatingsite gmail. Please fill out profiles throughly. To see who's...

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Soon Racoon — n. A novel by John, written at the age of 8. John explains the reason behind the name: Brothers Reconnect Using Video Blogging. They played Hungry Hungry Hippos while hungry themselves, having not eaten for the better part of a day, then made cookies with either tasty or disgusting food baked inside.

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The Internet -based show is created and hosted by the Green brothers: John Green and Hank Green. The first incarnation of the brothers' online broadcasting was the "Brotherhood 2. The Vlogbrothers channel was the first in what would become a larger portfolio of YouTube channels created and developed by the Greens, sparking a community of fans and supporters of Vlogbrothers, known individually as Nerdfighters, and collectively as Nerdfighteria.

Subscribers of the brothers on YouTube are the base of the online community Nerdfighteria. The Green brothers encourage their viewers to become a community by creating websites and various projects, like the Project for Awesome , as a way to engage with their subscribers. The Greens state that their vlog has no consistent format: Whether we're talking about our lives, making each other laugh, or trying to get something more important across, people seem to enjoy it.

The Green brothers, strongly inspired by the show with zefrank , [3] [9] devised the Brotherhood 2. The project was launched on January 1, , based on the premise that the brothers would cease all text-based communication for one year and, instead, converse by video blogs every weekday.

The project was made available to the public on YouTube, as well as through the brothers' own Brotherhood 2. Toward the end of , the brothers launched the first Project For Awesome campaign, in which YouTubers created innovative videos promoting their favorite charity, with the aim that their promoted charity gains more awareness, and donations from viewers. In their December 31, video, the brothers revealed their decision to continue vlogging even though the project had ended.

Compiled and authored by dozens of nerdfighters, below you will find the most comprehensive dictionary of Nerdfighter-specific terms, phrases, and definitions — from An Abundance of Katherines to Zombicorns!
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Z Ze Frank — n. Hungry Games, The — n. It currently resides in the office in Indianapolis. A secondary YouTube channel used by Hank to post videos that he does not post on the main vlogbrothers channel. Project For Awesome P4A — n. Paper Towns — 1.

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Users Interested In nerdfighter. Dating Online. Seeing what's out there I have been white-water rafting, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, camping, fishing, jet skiing. An internet meme popularlized on YouTube by Hank and Michael Aranda...