Frequency of communication during dating - 5 Texting-While-Dating Rules to Simplify Your Love Life

Of all of the dating dilemmas people come to me with, texting is at the top of the list. I have...

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Big community funding update! All I ask is an email, damn it! April 19, 5: I'd love some perspective. I've been dating a guy for two months now who seems very into me when we're together but just doesn't contact me so much when we're apart. We go a day and a half with no contact sometimes. Those of you who think, "What?!? We see each other every five days or so usually together for a couple of days straight , but almost no weekday hanging out.

If I text, he texts back, but sometimes he just doesn't answer my emails. Apart from this, he's great. I have a fun time with him. I've met his sisters, friends, parents.

While I am happy to listen to my friends natter on about whatever they want to talk about, I'm not going to reach out to do the same; I'm going to wait until I have something substantial to report. It is free and quick. Some of us just don't need that much contact. I told her that I completely understood and that I would appreciate short "hey, miss you! Just be sure to communicate that to your love interest. But as I mentioned, I see a lot of relationship-seeking people throw caution to the wind when it comes to texting.

The brain is weird!

All I ask is an email, damn it! - dating communication frequency | Ask MetaFilter

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Frequency of communication during dating

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  1. 2 Women are only ever supposed to have sex with one person in their entire lives. Also, if she hates it, great!

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