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From their cozy body heat to the great sex spoiler alert: They keep you warm and safe and protected from all the...

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Are you dating a narcissist?

More chubby guys for the inactivity of us. We have to choose our cuddling positions carefully or we risk missing peripheral exhausted on both the Netflix and the chilling. Chubby guys are literally hot. This is abundant in winter, but in the summer? Go out with a thin, unemployed barista with a gambling addiction and no equal blinks. Date a kind, trusty man with a few very pounds and everyone from your favorite aunt to your service frenemy will chime in. Ignoring them now is good office practically for when they start criticizing you more directly.


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Perks of dating a big guy

Some women like to kiss stinky feet. A website by Thought. M Portal Corporate Email. Relationships Why fat men make the best husbands. Ladies, there is a lot of stereotyping when choosing the kind of man to settle down with.

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Tom Kelly: The Brazilian flag is wrong, instead of it someone put the Russian

Serbia Love: Do a Polish woman. jeeze why are we Polanskis always left out

XpertAtGaming: Honestly i'd preffer canadians who constantly say sorry than those brainless idiots who walk into you to hit you with their shoulder just to go WHERE YU WALKIN BITCHASS

Iris 20: French guys would be fun

Celine Ringo: Ikr so relatable i liked the NA hahahahha oh and the gossip is like the key to being greekDONT GET ME STARTED ON SOULVAKI

Shahzad Aslam: But that didn't really say much, just that women are like water melon and the one guy that he prefers local women to tourist women.

Chai Latte: Could you do a Uzbek women? PLEASE#

Jana Roos: This is typically Russian. Shame the American is such an idiot :(

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Is Being Obese a Dating Dealbreaker for Guys? - Hookup Affair

Emily M: Those 4 men are women?

Gimio Chin: This is so awkward oh my god

Shrek Dank: Now i know i need a japanese guy

Howty Man: In India marriage is not only a relationship between the boy and the girl who's marrying but it's a relationship between families. So dating her family is so true!

Rupak Deore: From my experience russian women are sick, in a positive way

HotDubRae: So fucking true. I'm a male but, I get this shit each time when I'm in England or other shit.

Mastersnet18: A Dating a Hungarian or a Serbian woman would be great! :)

Re Nata: P O R C O I L T U O D I O

David Pino: I love these videos! Could you make a video about dating Chile man and woman?

Habib Ellouze: The title o this video is highly offensive, I understand that's what the guys there say about women, but you have a responsibility to not to perpetuate such offensive ideas about women. Shame on you! Rather than quoting your male expert on Spanish women, who had no qualms calling them putas/whores, you could have highlighted their self-respect and empowerment on making a choice on who they want to date/sleep with.

Banshee Queen: I wonder if I can date a Japanese woman. I mean I'm a gamer in my free time. hmm. Maybe.

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Perks of dating a big guy

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Not only is there more cushion for the pushin', but there are so many benefits to dating and loving a chubby guy. Being overweight can cause a...