Kitty usshers dating - MPs' expenses: Kitty Ussher's resignation letter

The minister resigned tonight after she was confronted with the allegations by The Daily Telegraph. She also announced she would stand down as an MP at...

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However, Miss Ussher paid an accountant to change her declaration, to make a property she owned in Burnley her main home shortly before selling it. How the Daily Telegraph exposed the dry rot fraudster. However, the questionable conduct of MPs, including Miss Ussher and Miss Blears, is not expected to be disclosed as important details will be censored. Ussher, 38, who has two children under the age of five, also announced that she would not contest the next election because she finds it difficult to combine life as an MP, minister and parent.

Neither have I abused the allowance system of the House of Commons in any way. Under tax laws, everyone must designate a property as their main or principal home, on which they do not have to pay tax on the profits when sold.

She married accountant Peter J Colley in September in Hammersmith ; [5] they have one daughter born 7 June [18] and a son born 3 January

Teledildonics Gordon Brown received a blow tonight on the eve of the publication of MPs' expenses when he was forced to sack Kitty Ussher as a junior Treasury minister in the face of evidence that she "flipped" her homes to avoid paying capital gains tax. How to spot fake profiles on hookup sites It is with the greatest regret I have decided to resign from the government. DIASPORA ASIAN DATING She served as a minister in Gordon Brown 's Government from to , mainly at the Treasury , but also at the Department for Work and Pensions. Suspension bondage 989 Dirty talk Trust in family relationships

Gordon Brown received a blow on the eve of the publication of MPs' expenses when he was forced last night to sack Kitty Ussher as a junior Treasury minister in the face of evidence that she "flipped" her homes for a month to avoid paying thousands of pounds in capital gains tax.

As demoralised MPs brace themselves for another blow to their battered reputation today, the prime minister told Ussher she would have to stand down as exchequer secretary after the Daily Telegraph revealed an accountant had advised her how to avoid paying the tax. In Ussher changed the designation of her main home for one month from her south London property to her house in her Burnley constituency.

The Telegraph informed Ussher that it would publish a letter today from her accountant advising her that changing the designation of her homes would allow her to avoid paying capital gains tax. A principal home does not attract the tax while MPs can only attract Commons allowances on second homes. Ussher contacted Brown who informed her that receiving such tax advice made it impossible for her to continue as a Treasury minister. Downing Street accepts Ussher acted legally and within the Commons rules.

The departure of Ussher, who announced last night that she would also be standing down as MP for Burnley at the next election for family reasons, may add to criticisms of parliament today when full details of MPs' expenses are released. The information will be highly edited and is unlikely to include the sort of correspondence which terminated Ussher's ministerial career last night.


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The minister resigned tonight after she was confronted with the allegations by The Daily Telegraph. More than a million pages of data are to be published on a Parliamentary website. Other speakers you might like. Over the past six weeks, The Daily Telegraph has disclosed how senior ministers to backbenchers have systematically milked the expenses system. Brown himself did not vote, some cabinet members including Jacqui Smith and Andy Burnham rejected the package, and 30 ministers voted for the status quo.

United Kingdom Parliamentary expenses scandal.

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Kitty usshers dating

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Kitty usshers dating

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