How long should you wait before hookup after a long term relationship - How long after a long term relationship break up is it okay to hook up with someone else?

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Sex may dominate our thoughts, dreams, and late night fantasies, but the reality is that a whole lot of consideration goes into the how, why, and when of whether or not to actually have sex with someone.

Arya Snark: This says guys but I see guys and gals or am I wrong?

Gab Dom: They removed the stars from the iraqi flag. get your shit togther.

Esthynn: Dating an Armenian man please:))))

Capcap Boom: She is literally the female version of the scheming Jew meme. Fuarking lol

TheMisa92: You guys deserve millions, tbh. Keep up the great work!

Jason Waite: The video asked so I'll answer. The thing that makes a woman downright gorgeous to me is a variety of ethnic backgrounds and a multicultural upbringing. Also I tend to like brunettes more than blondes though Idk why. Intelligence counts for a lot. Multilingual if I'm lucky.

Odori-sensei: So glad you are going to Germany to film the dating a german guy video.

Alex Saidit: When you get free coke from her family.


Arzu Ltbatp: Do Jamaica next!

Liiparks: The most beautiful Mexican women are in Northern Mexico

Amaia Yoller: All the video said was that French women complain non-stop and will frustrate you. Wasn't there anything positive?

Olga Cs: I do all these to my friends aha

How long should you wait before hookup after a long term relationship


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14 thoughts on “How long should you wait before hookup after a long term relationship

  1. A gay man tells you that it's bad for a child to be groomed this way, aaaaaand you still don't get it?

  2. How about you take your CLEARLY sexist, body-hating ass out of here? No one wants you here.

  3. Bottom line if you want a strong and healthy relationship. Promiscuity is a bad habit to start.

  4. points on where you can spot a popular youtube woman: tits, atleast one video about sex, the rest of the videos are all bullshit.

  5. Disorders of sex development I'm pretty sure that everything said here and people who experience this are just suffering mental disorders.

  6. This is probably the least sex positive thing I've ever seen you post. Think of the children! is the most annoying arguement

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