Good looking but no confidence - I've met so many guys who have no confidence. Guys, what's the problem?

My friend Adam has above average looks. Everyone agrees he is very good looking.

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Good looking but no confidence
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Once you save your settings the first time you will receive a confirmation email. As lame and cliche as it sounds, it's the inside that counts. TifasKnight and vegeta like this. I think it's partly owing to how badly I was ostracized while growing up. Find your perfect uni place go. That is the way of the world.

Dado Bay: This is pretty much true about any traditional man coming from eastern and middle europe.

The Vin Cher: Brazil, Samba? Football/soccer? Caipirinha? Carnaval? Big ass? Easy woman?

Aline Luiz: That guy is mexican, he is El canelo alvarez

Sergio Aquino: I don't think she wants to see him ever again

Lav Ender: Please do one about an Irish Man. xD

Udez Nwok: I am german ,very good and true

Rickygayson: Tall ripped lots of money is wat a woman wants

Split Rhythm: The guy who writes letters is gorgeous omg!

Miguel Caro: N O L E G*

Jax Jauregui: When she is a bitch

Eva Winter: They see no contradiction.

ANTONELA: You Know You Are Dating an ENGLISH Woman When. she's wearing a Hijab and her brother tries to behead you for dating his sister.

This thread smacks of Jive Turkey Droppings. I'm asking guys to tell me their problem specifically, and I'll make them feel better by telling they're being ridiculous! But bob is shy, insecure, has suffered from quite bad phases of depression and most of his family is on antidepressants but he refuses to take them , and generally has no confidence.

I tend not to dress in a way that would make me stand out and can't stand having my picture taken. Especially if you're bullied for your ethnicity, as I was. Such people make two wrong assumptions: I got into that a long time ago and all it did was fuck me up even worse

Skylar Ash: Everything is spot on (honesty, rarity of complements etc.)at least in my experience with my bf but he is still the best.

MsRemyforever: The Japanese girl is very cute.

Monroe Tory: Every dude in those pictures was hot as f.#nohomo

Claire Louise: Accents cant be sexist retards

Prince Sagar: Attracted by politics and opinionated men. unless you happen to not be liberal.

Rachel Haddad: So Netherlands is a great buffet for women looking for men.

Camila Moreno: Dating is complicate all around the world!

Lucy Towey: For me this video is rubbish. This doesn't mean that every italian is that kind of man.

I agree with what your getting at. Men are in general very unconfident in society today and its a complex thing

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  1. Toxic Masculinity is growing a beard and dressing like a lumber jack when you don't even know how to start a chainsaw.

  2. I never had the sex talk. I knew about it since I was little and I never asked about it

  3. The funny thing is, I haven't sent any nudes. ever, but I have been on plenty of dates with my boyfriend. ;)

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