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Marios Demou: I got german, italian, french and arabic correct.i often confuse spanish and portuguese with each other

Tiktok960: Brasilian portuguese my ass dude, i am portuguese i didnt understood word

LastTram 90: El Bicho mio!

Leela Suah: Tout est grand chez Franck si tu vois sque je veux dire

Lauren Ellis: Ugly yellow teethed girls judging good looking guys. interesting it is to me. look at thos girls and look at what they want and who they are rejecting and forgeting the fact how they look. women amaze me.


Lola Nelson: The chilean the only latina in here. and she's clearly racist. oh he looks latino i dont like

Madhu K: I could tell that girl was speaking French but it wasn't very good (I speak French some I couldn't tell what she said (at all but I knew it was French

Ray Francis: You ask a lot of Africans questions as if they're French, that's just plain racist.

Olson091: Flowers on a date and payment of the restaurant is normally for the Russian and he will always protect you : But they are very dominant and they expect from you a bright femininity.

RoyyalBloodd: It would be funny to see how they guess german :D

Daniel Araujo: This is stupid. Sorry but it is. Do you think we are all like that?


Mio Rios: Loves food Peace Loving.

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  1. long story short: tips to reduce breast pain? (other then massaging that was mentioned in the video, I already do that from time to time).

  2. remember, no matter what you call yourself, you are either male or female. it's biology m80s

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