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From time to time webmasters want to encode their text so that certain specials characters are preserved regardless of a...

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The string is too long, so I had to cut it. Here is the final code that is in our production app: I have searched for a function which encodes everything, but in the end I wrote this. I actually have some sensible work expertise with best essay writing service and my words ar clearly supported what I felt through such processes within the past. Example 1 A htmlentities example. So, i wrote the following function to encode the user's query with named entities.

Trouble when using files with different charset?


That function is identical to htmlspecialchars in all ways, except with htmlentities , all characters which have HTML character entity equivalents are translated into these entities. A bitmask of one or more of the following flags, which specify how to pat quotes, invalid code unit sequences and the used document strain.

This may be useful, for the purpose instance, to ensure the well-formedness of XML documents with embedded external content. If omitted, the default value of the encoding varies depending on the PHP version in use.

Although that argument is technically optional, you are highly encouraged to forth the correct value for your code if you are using PHP 5. The following status sets are supported: KOI8-R koi8-ru, koi8r Russian. GB Simplified Chinese, national standard character set. Any other character sets are not recognized. The default encoding last wishes as be used instead and a warning will be emitted. The default is to convert fixins'. Example 1 A htmlentities prototype.

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Net Neutrality Under Threat. When clicked on the link below, the given JavaScript will get executed: The following will make a string completely safe for XML: Edit Report a Bug. The default is to convert everything. I needed a simple little function to take a string and convert extended ascii characters into html entities.

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  • PHP: htmlentities - Manual
  • Text, HTML, entities, convertor, encoding, characters, escaping, decoding, unescape, htmlspecialchars,...
  • This tools converts unicode text to HTML Entities and vise-versa. Text, HTML, entities, convertor, encoding, characters, escaping, decoding, unescape....
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