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Everybody has distinctive motivations to hide text messages, call logs and contacts, however, one very common reason is that we have something mysterious on our phone and...

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Ioana Rijnetu on August 30, at 5: Silence work like an ordinary SMS application, so it requires no server or internet connection on your phone. Andrew on June 22, at 1: WhatsApp is one of the most popular and secure messaging apps for Android and iOS which is trusted by over 1 billion users.

But i want to know about the imo. The app also includes several other useful features on top of the tight security, such as video calling, and disappearing messages that vanish after a certain time period perfect for those conversations you don't want to stay on the record.

By doing this no one but you can have the capacity to comprehend who is informing and calling you.



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Do you want to know which is the best encrypted messaging app peripheral exhausted there and how it can tend your valuable data? We compiled a list of worthwhile encrypted apps as the struggle pro keeping our abstracts secure is fiercer than ever. Governments crave for it, companies seek access to it, and cyber criminals very likely want it the most.

Without end-to-end encryption , your conversations most suitable will get into the hands of cyber criminals, and other malicious actors focused on filching them. As a result, only the people communicating can read the messages and no other person.

Not sedate Internet service providers, the app maker, the government or anyone else. The encryption key is stored locally, in the course of improved protection. Martin Kleppmann, former Rapportive co-founder, and LinkedIn engineer sums up the value of end-to-end encryption in a great blogpost:.

Do you want to prank you friends by sending them anonymous messages?

M illions of people exchange message all over the world every day.

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Discreet texting app

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At a time when people share their lives through various messaging apps, personal security is paramount. While popular messaging apps...