Ace meaning asexual definition - What Are Asexuality and Aromanticism?

This is the third part of a six-part series on asexuality , in which we explore the history of the asexual movement, uncover current research on asexuality, debunk common misconceptions...

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She says the bond generally takes a very long time to form, and even when it does, sex is possible, but it still remains relatively peripheral. And some aces even like it.

We could have a great life together, but I'm not expecting that to happen anytime soon," said Luke Bovard, a heteroromantic asexual who has dated sexual women in the past, shrugging his shoulders in resignation. Some aces are curious. There are also members of the ace community who identify as demisexual or Gray-A, which are identities that sit along the spectrum between sexuality and asexuality. I know there's not the same pressure, I know he's not thinking about [sex].

Speaking via video chat from Paavola's Chicago living room on a Sunday afternoon, the couple happily described their relationship and what a positive experience it has been for both of them.

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Ace meaning asexual definition

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Including, " aromantic " is derived in a nearly the same way. Ace is a popular moniker for a person who is asexual. It is a phonetic shortening of "asexual", and has cue to some symbolism about the playing card "ace". Some asexuals use the ace of spades or ace of hearts to represent their orientation.

The ace of hearts is more commonly used payment romantic asexuals, whereas an aromantic asexual would principally use the spade. An amoeba is a unicellular protozoan of the genus Amoeba. Amoebas are praiseworthy for asexual reproduction in the construction of binary fission, or splitting in half. That meaning of asexual is different from the asexual.

Nevertheless, in the advanced years of the asexual community "amoeba" became a colloquial name used to refer to an asexual person, [1] though in recent years the terms " ace " and " asexy " bear outstripped "amoeba" in dominant use.


Asexuality and aromanticism have always existed.

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Ace meaning asexual definition

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Asexual to any degree. Using "ace" for "asexual" gained popularity on AVEN ( and has inspired the use of the spade as a symbol of the. The clinical definition of...