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North Indian Commandment, Andhra Pre-eminently, Seafood.

Bombervity: I love the girl in the video 3

Charlo Ta: I'm German, and although I liked the video, this was really exaggerated :D

Darth ATF: The compulsive complain is not the problem. The big deal is: how far do the less effort is sexy thing goes?

Miguel L: My step mom is Greek and food is a very important part of their culture, and I can understand why, the food is amazing.

Bustavegas: So being direct huh? but what to do if ur shy approaching ur crush ?

LexY Maiden: When she annoys you and she always complains

Aimee Mena: I can't but help to notice there trying to get german women to race mix with migrants which is completely fucked up and destructive to the german people.

Marisa Cortez: Where can one meet Italian women anyway?

Kelly Shaw: Im not sure if its Daniel Henney there but he looks like him and ges hella hot (the asian one seriously you girls can keep the other ones and imma have some hot time with him loool

Cam _04: Hi! loved this video! could you do a YKYD a Scottish or Australian men?


Viih Muzel: Would love to go to one of those Scandinavian countries, go on a date, and just completely break their social rules and see how the guy reacts. Maybe he'll be forgiving because I'm foreign. That'll be really funny to do.

Janet Gabriel: Come on your video is rubbish. Nigerians possess admiral traits not shown in this video.

OkayOkay: It's also how one speaks too. For example, two men from Spain can sound very different depending on confidence, self-esteem and other variables.

Kunda biryani in bangalore dating
  • Menu of Pot Biryani, New BEL Road, Bangalore | Dineout
  • 12, Deepak Mansion, 2nd Cross, MSR College Road, Mathikere, New BEL Road, Bangalore. Restaurants around New BEL Road. pot...
  • Main · Videos; Kunda biryani in bangalore dating. We trouble to trouble some amid those...
  • Get menu card online for Kunda Biryani in CV Raman Nagar, Bangalore at Justdial...

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Greek G.: I wouldnt say im ter.ok, i am

Hamzah Ismail: Iam half Slovak half Ukrainian and Russian culture is very close to ours .so i can definitely agree with this video .Slavic men in general are very similar, so yes .i think iam going to stick to our amazing Slavic men :D .even thoug they are not all the same of course :)

Emely Silva: Yeah right like she doesn't know hockey, shes russian

David Arnryd: I only got one right and it was Korean. FML

Ronki23: I really likes your videos. I'm also from Israel but there are some things that are not

Gr8 Guy: Turkish women the most idiot of the world;)

Melody-0010: Lauren from Canada is very attractive.)

Hollawar: This was the funniest of them all.

Love2Sew: I love this video idea, it is so creative! really interesting to see men vs women reactions to the same pictures!

Yeop Azman: In Holland better let the girl know in advance that you will pay because you invited her and don't asume she will see you as an exeption because you happen to be a forigner.

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