Blackberry leap review uk dating - BlackBerry Leap review: an old phone with a fresh face

Two years ago, BlackBerry finally broke free of the monotonous cycle it had entrenched itself in by launching its first all-touchscreen device, the...

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BlackBerry Leap Specifictions and Price - Marital Hookup

The BlackBerry Leap is being marketed as the smartphone for 'young power professionals' -- a previously undiscovered demographic of junior execs onto which BlackBerry has latched albeit one that sounds like a weird corporate makeover of Prince's old backing group.

The last two BlackBerry handsets, the Classic and the Passport , both had physical Qwerty keyboards because there is still a hardcore who can't bear to use anything other than real actual buttons when typing on a smartphone. To appeal to hipper young execs, the Leap sports a five-inch touchscreen like most other smartphones see the gallery above. Like all current BlackBerry devices, the Leap is a study in seriousness.

With its dark-grey shell, there's no unnecessary decoration to distract you from your duty of sensible productivity, save the BlackBerry name and logo on the bottom bezel, and of course the little red you-have-messages LED to fuel your spiraling FoMO.

And while it might come across as a bit humourless, I rather like the Leap's minimalist style. It reminds me a little of a ruggedized Lumia: The rubberized non-slip shell reaches around and grips the screen reassuringly on both sides, which should give it a better chance of surviving a drops than, say, Samsung's Galaxy S6 Edge.

The Leap is a square-edged and rather chunky handset, but it feels comfortable and reassuringly industrial in the hand. SIM and SD card slots are found of the left-hand side, while the volume and mute controls are on the right.

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The Bottom Line The BlackBerry Leap ditches a actual keyboard to lure folks looking for a current smartphone experience, but a lack of apps and a lackluster camera acknowledge this device behind the competition. BlackBerry has towering been a byword notwithstanding mobile security and productivity, and that isn't wealthy to change with the BlackBerry Leap.

For salubrious or ill, the manifest keyboard on BlackBerry's most recent few devices relegated those phones to a more readily specific niche. But in striking out the platform's chief differentiator, we're progressive with a 5-inch touchscreen device with a meager camera that's hobbled nearby a limited, lackluster rostrum that just can't put up to Android or iPhone competitors. The BlackBerry Leap is a level black slab that looks and feels professional, in a quaint sort of way.

There isn't lots in the way of flourishes or adornments here, just a 5-inch edge-to-edge display and the BlackBerry badge running along the bottom. The textured draft on the back keeps the phone appreciably grippy. The right side of the phone hosts the volume controls and the BlackBerry Assistant button, which calls up BlackBerry's essential assistant, the company's court on Apple's Siri, Android's Google Now and Microsoft's Cortana. You'll find the headphone jack and sway button up top, while the cover on the left hides the SIM card slot and the microSD slot -- it can support up to GB cards.

Gaming performance doesn't leave much to be desired, either. Since the Leap's back panel is fixed the battery is nonremovable , the micro-SIM and microSD slots are hidden behind a panel on the left edge.

But, while the company is keen to flog as many as possible to you and me, we're not the true target market. Unfortunately, the market is likely to judge the phone based on those two variables. The display's lacking the kind of power you need to cut through direct rays, and there appears to be no difference between 50 percent brightness and full whack when the sun's beating down on the glass. To appeal to hipper young execs, the Leap sports a five-inch touchscreen like most other smartphones see the gallery above.

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Blackberry leap review uk dating

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BlackBerry Leap release date price specs UK The phone looks much like the Z10, reviewed, and even shares some of its specs, which we'll. Gallery: BlackBerry Leap review | 23 Photos .. It's a little...